My work hinges conceptually on the duality of painting as picture plane and object.
This is the context for the expression of a spatial complexity.
The paintings generate a clear multidimensional pictorial space which resists the viewer’s eye, thus raising perceptual issues.
For several decades, I have been substituting transparent polyester to traditional canvas.The composed geometric figures come from a personal vocabulary that has developed organically over the years.
They generate a picture plane that is cut out in positive and negative shapes, which vary according to size, scale and whether or not the painting is horizontal or vertical.
I am not interested in geometry as an end in itself in the formalist sense. It is simply for me the most appropriate tool to generate shapes, structure a pictorial space while maintaining a level of abstraction.
The use of various gray color mixes imbues the paintings with a muted radiance, a sort of psychological aura. This color with its silence and retention absorbs the distance between the painting and the viewer to induce contemplation.
Berlin 2018.

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