French American, born in Brest, France.
Has lived in New York from 1979 to 2013
Currently lives and works in Berlin since 2014 

Education: Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lille / University Paris-VII
2018  Dr Bernhard Decker Kunsthandel, Frankfurt am Main.
2014  Galerie Parisconcret. Paris.
2002    Exhibit  A Gallery. Soho, NYC
1991-1994    55 Mercer St Gallery, Soho NYC
1986-1989    Maryanne McCarthy Fine Art, NYC
1983     The Clocktower, “Inside works”, NYC
1982     PS ONE, Long Island City, NYC.
2018  "Splendid Isolation" Studio 1, Bethanien, Berlin.
2017 "Material boys and girls", Galerie Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin.
2017 “his Story stories” Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin
2016 "Rythme et Geometrie" Musee de Chateauroux, France
2015 "Painting in Situ", Galerie Guy Ledune, Brussels
2003   “Clear Intentions”(curated by Robert C Morgan),
               The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
2002     “Ready Made Color” Galerie Caminade, Paris
1999      “In Clement Weather”, Rush Gallery, NYC
1997     “More Transparency”, Galerie Guy Ledune, Brussels,             
1985-1989    Maryanne Mc Carthy Fine Arts
1984       ” Art and Ego” NY Academy of Art, NYC
1983       “Intoxication”, Gallery Monique Knowlton, NYC.
1979       “Art au Present”,  Musee des Beaux Arts, Lille.
1978      “Five Painters” Galerie de la Difference (chez Ben Vautier),  Nice.

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